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Setting Up Your Device

How to Set Up and Manage Your Plant Monitor

Welcome to the future of plant care! Our plant monitor is designed to make your plant parenting journey a breeze. This tiny but mighty device keeps you informed about your plant's needs, ensuring they remain healthy and happy. In this post, we'll guide you through the setup process, from pairing your device to linking it with your beloved green friend. Let's dive in!

Pairing Your Device

When you first get your hands on the smart plant monitor, you'll need to pair it with your WiFi network and user account

Pairing: Go the the add device screen on the app and turn on your device. When your first get your device it should already be in pairing mode. You can pair your device as many times as needed, provided it's in pairing mode. Video:

To enter pairing mode, power cycle the device 5 times. You'll know it is in pairing mode when the device is flashing orange. Video:

Post-Pairing: Once paired, the monitor's light will stay on briefly as it updates itself. Then, it will turn off automatically. Important: Please do not to press the power button during this time.

The device's light will activate intermittently, indicating data is being sent. This is designed to conserve battery life, so don't worry if the light turns on and off on its own.

Unpairing Your Device

If you ever need to remove the monitor from your account, unpairing is straightforward. However, it's crucial to note that unpairing does not erase the WiFi settings from the device. To completely reset the WiFi credentials, you'll need to re-enter pairing mode. Video:

Linking Your Monitor

With your device paired, the next step is to link it to a plant. This process tells your monitor where to send its valuable data, ensuring you receive accurate updates about your plant's health. Video:

Linking: Through your user account, select the plant you wish to monitor. This associates your device with specific plant data.

Unlinking/Relinking: If you decide to switch the device to another plant, simply unlink it from the current plant and link it to the new one. This flexibility allows you to monitor the health of different plants with ease.

In Summary

Setting up your plant monitor involves a few simple steps: entering pairing mode, pairing the device, and linking it to a plant. Remember, the pairing process connects your device to your WiFi and user account, while linking associates it with a specific plant. With these steps complete, you're all set to embark on a hassle-free plant care journey.

For more instructional videos, such as setting up notifications and identifying your plant, check out this post

Happy plant parenting!

Updated on: 02/02/2024

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