In some cases, you may not be receiving push notifications as you'd expect. Let's find out why.

Currently we rely on web-based push notifications as we do not have a native app, as such, older Android devices and all iOS devices cannot receive push notifications
1. Ensure Push Notifications Are Enabled

First things first, you need to ensure that you have enabled push notifications on your EarthOne Grow dashboard

2. Enable Device Notifications

Certain devices will require you to enable global device notifications from settings.

Device Push Notifications For A Windows 10 Computer
3. Enable Browser Notifications

Browsers on the device you are using will also often require notifications to be enabled, for browser specific settings please check here

On desktop browsers often the enable notifications prompt will be hidden and you have to manually trigger it
Chrome Browser Notifications
Firefox Browser Notifications

4. Private Browsing, Cookies, etc...

Certain browsers may have extra settings that prevent push notifications, in this case you can reach out to us and we can see what needs to done to enable notifications.

For Instance, Having This Setting Enabled In Firefox Can Prevent Notifications

5. Disable VPNs, Proxies & Do Not Disturb Mode

Having a VPN or proxy enabled can impact notification delivery and do not disturb mode on your device will silence notifications.

None Of This Applies To Me

In that case, contact us and we can dive deeper into your account to take appropriate actions.
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