You just unboxed your DOOT? How exciting! The steps below should get your DOOT up and running.

1. Push Down The Power Button & Place The DOOT In The Soil Of Your Chosen Plant

2. Ensure That A Solid Blue Light Is Visible On The DOOT & Open Up The Wi-Fi Settings In Your Smartphone/Computer

3. Find The DOOT On Your Available Networks List.

4. Select The DOOT. This Will Redirect You To The EarthOne Network Portal To Enter Your Wi-Fi Name/SSID & Password

This information is what you typically give to people when they ask for your Wi-Fi, alternatively it may be found on the back of your router

5. Once Your DOOT Is Connected You Will See The Following Screen

If you do not get this screen please turn off your DOOT and repeat steps 1-4 again

6. Click Cancel & If On iOS Select 'Use Another Network' When Prompted. This Will Revert Your Phone Back To Your Original Wi-Fi Connection

7. Once Your DOOT Is Connected To Wi-Fi, The Solid Blue Light Will Disappear

If the blue light on your DOOT is still continuously on, please turn off your DOOT and repeat steps 1-6 again

8. Connected? Great — Let's Move Onto Adding The DOOT To Your Account!

A Problem Repeatedly Occurred During Setup?

In that case, check our hardware troubleshooting articles or contact us and we can dive deeper into your account to take appropriate actions.
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