Now That Your DOOT Is Setup It's Time To Start Displaying Data

Please ensure you have setup your DOOT before adding it to your account
1. If You Have Not Already Done So, Create A EarthOne Grow account

2. Once Logged In, Access The DOOTs Tab & Click The Plus Icon At The Top-Left To Add A New DOOT

3. Scan Or Manually Enter Your DOOT Serial Number

These were provided in your DOOT box or can alternatively be seen when connecting the DOOT to Wi-Fi
Give your DOOT a fun/unique name & select the plant it will be monitoring for better growing recommendations

4. Click 'Add Doot'. Once Successfully Added, You Will Be Notified

Please keep in mind that your DOOT may take up to an hour to start displaying data.

5. Added? Great — It's Time To Grow Healthier Plants!

A Problem Repeatedly Occurred Adding The DOOT To Your Account?

In that case, check our software troubleshooting articles or contact us and we can dive deeper into your account to take appropriate actions.
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